Top 10 Fly Tying Products

1.    Veniards No. 4 Spring Vice Very useful vice at a reasonable price – holds hooks, from size 24 to 02 very firmly . 2.    Guideline F.I.T.S. Tube System Excellent for tying cone or turbo head flies and everything F.I.T.S. 3.    Genetic Dry Fly Hackles Superb quality Hackles for tying the ultimate Dry Fly, they come in two sizes small for tying  flies in sizes 16 & 18 and medium for tying sizes 12 & 14. 4.    Veniards Racoon Zonker Fur 8 colours of 3½ to 4 inch length fur. Ideal for tying on Guideline F.I.T.S. tube system when a tapered tear drop wing is required. 5.    Glister Dubbing Long fibres of high sparkle material which is good for adding extra life to flies. Dubs well onto tubes and can be used for building up a good thorane on crunchers. 6.    Ostrich Herl Comes in 12 colours and is mainly used for tying butts on salmon flies but owing to its extreme mobility can be utilised as hackle for Michael Frodin modern tube flies. 7.    Bucktail Comes in nine colours and is used for winging and tails of shrimp patterns. This product has fine fibres and does not  flare when tied. 8.    Krystal Flash Gives life and sparkle to salmon and lure wings and tails. It comes in 10 colours including Gold, Silver, and Pearl. 9.   Turral Pre Waxed Tying Thread A versatile pre waxed fly tying thread suitable for almost all fly patterns. Continuous filament polyester on 70 metre reels in a variety of different colours. 10.    Veniards Uni Floss Comes in 11 colours, including black. Gives a very rich coloured body to salmon flies and enables you to form a very smooth finish.