There are few bits of fishing kit on the market that tick every box an angler requires, the Guideline LXI range is one of those few!

It ticks every box ..... The Guideline LXI 4 piece fly rod. 



Guideline LXi 4 Piece Fly Rods

This ‘Trout and Salmon magazine’ award winning rod has developed a reputation around the world for stunning performance, ultimate feel and the ability to make long effortless casts. One key feature that really sets the LXI apart from the pack is the fact that it can be matched with almost any fly line in the correct weight. Whether you like to use Shooting Heads, Spey Lines or Skagits this rod can handle them all.

It is often the case that rods of this calibre get criticised for being too technical or only useful in the hands of a professional caster. The LXI bridges the gap between the casting ability of different anglers and is equally as capable in the hands of an amateur as it is in the hands of a professional.



Fishing with an LXI – A James Norris Insight

James Norris:  “I have been lucky enough to fish all over the world in areas that demand durable and reliable gear, for species of fish that given the opportunity, will gladly test your kit to the absolute limit! The LXI is not only tough enough to withstand some of the hardest fighting fish in the world, it is also an absolute delight to fish with. For that reason I very rarely head to a river bank, whether in the UK or abroad, without taking one with me. Highly recommended!!”


Key Features of the LXI

* High modulus carbon fibre construction spec’d to the highest standard.
* Custom designed handles made from high-grade Portuguese cork with new shapes, lengths and added inserts, bringing superb technical performance.
* Hard anodized, black, glossy aluminium reel seat with a flat-sided design that keeps sliding hoods in correct position when a reel is attached.
* Super hard carbide stripper guides have silver soldered welds for extra reinforcement and corrosion resistance.
* Snake guides are hard chrome and light gauge to enhance and complement the action of the blank.
* Hard rod tube and rod bag.


Fly Line Recommendations

Choosing a fly line can be quite daunting, here is a regular question our Pro Team often get asked:

“I have bought a new salmon rod but I can’t quite get my old line to work as well as I had hoped on it. What is going wrong”?

David Garfoot Pro Team member replies: “A fly line in my opinion is the single most important component of your fishing set up. You can buy the best rod in the world but if you don’t combine it with the correct size of fly line it may feel like the worst! I have been lucky enough to have used the LXI in a variety of sizes over the years and tested many lines with these rods. To make it easier to select the correct line for your rod I have put together a list of my favourite LXI sizes with their ultimate line combination.”


Ultimate LXI Fly Line Combinations

LXI Size

Shooting Head


Short Spey

Long spey

12’9” #8/9

Guideline RM Evolve 32 grams

Rio Skagit Max 550 grain

Rio Short Head Spey #8/9

Rio Long Head Spey #8/9

13’9” #8/9

Guideline RM Evolve 32 grams

Rio Skagit Max 550 grain

Rio Short Head Spey #8/9

Rio Long Head Spey #8/9

13’9” #9/10

Guideline RM Evolve 36 grams

Rio Skagit Max 600 grain

Rio Short Head Spey #9/10

Rio Long Head Spey #9/10

14’9” #10/11

Guideline RM Evolve 43 grams

Rio Skagit Max 675 grain

Rio Short Head Spey #10/11

Rio Long Head Spey #10/11


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By David Garfoot

Product Manager