The Dogs of John Norris Part 4

Name(s): ‘The Dewhursts’ Ages(s): We haven’t got that many fingers to count! Breed(s): Spaniels, Labradors and Terriers… oh and a Suluki/Lurcher cross! Belong to: Alison Dewhurst – Sales Consultant   About us… Where do we start? There are so many dogs for us to tell you about. Alison must be mad for keeping this many!   Alison and her family live on a farm, in a village surrounding Penrith. Here, the dogs have plenty of room to exercise and play. The dogs are also often treated to walks along the western coastline, where they enjoy going for a swim.   Firstly there is Harvey the Border Terrier, who you can see here on the beach with his red rain coat on. Very sweet! Harvey Jack, the Springer Spaniel, is one of Alison’s favourites! She has got many pictures of him – mind you, he is very handsome! Jack is the go-to dog for Alison’s husband when he is out on the shoot. Jack was trained with dummies as a pup so that he would be able to carry larger birds. Jack Have a look at our range of gundog training aids, and get your four legged friend trained up?   Amber, the Suluki/Lurcher cross is staying with Alison over the summer. Alison tell us her daughters have got quite attached to this little girl and can see there being a few tears when she has to go back to her owner. We don’t blame you girls, she is so pretty! Amber There are also the two Labradors. There’s Tigger, a Black Labrador who is potentially in pup and is due to give birth in July. There’s also Poppy, a Fox Red girl who is now in her senior years - it comes to us all in the end!   And finally there’s Lottie, another Border. She has two small pups at the moment; she is the perfect mother and loves caring for them.