The Big Fish (working title) With Ben Fogle and Matt Hayes

BBC Two has announced this week that a new fishing series is coming to our screens. Provisionally titled The Big Fish, it will be presented by Ben Fogle and will have expert UK fisherman Matt Hayes as the judge.   The series is going to be made up of six episodes and filmed across four continents. There will be eight amateur anglers from the UK who will be under the critical eye of Matt Hayes accompanied by a local fishing specialist who will be familiar with the waters of the host country as they become immersed in the local fishing techniques.           Ben Fogle is well known for his worldly adventures and expeditions including rowing across the Atlantic, trekking across the Sahara and hiking to the South Pole, so his experiences are going to be useful as the eight fishermen face tropical climes and sub-zero temperatures in some of the world’s toughest and most challenging fishing destinations.         Matt Hayes has pretty much fished for everything from sticklebacks to sailfish and says “In my role as a judge I’ll be using my experience to cut through to the issues that really matter – watercraft, natural ability, attitude and technique. Sometimes fishing problems are solved in the mind as much as they are with a rod and reel, and that takes character.”             “The series is the most significant media event in the sport since ‘Passion For Angling’ and I am thrilled to be a part of it. It takes the sport into the homes of millions of families and gives them an insight into the skills required to be a truly great angler. It’s going to be a blend of calm and precision mixed with explosive action and sharp teeth. And all the drama will take place in some of the most spectacular locations on the planet.”   The Big Fish is due to be broadcast on BBC Two later in the year.