Tackle Up for Trout - Expert Advice


Greys XF2 Streamflex Single Handed Fly Rod (catalogue page 31)


9’ – Line size 4 - weight 3.20 - 4 piece Code: 1326574 £219.99

A word from our expert: “This is an excellent river rod. It’s perfect for the gentle presentation of both drys and nymphs on small to medium sized rivers.”

Guideline Fario CRS Single Handed Fly Rod (catalogue page 34) Sizes available: 8’ 9” or 9’ 0”, line rating 3, 4, 5 or 6 Codes: 18860 to 18867 4 Piece: £499.00 6 Piece: £519.00

A word from our expert:  “The Fario CRS is one of the best river rods on the market. It’s extremely high quality, developed with the most recent technology and is beautiful to cast.”

Lamson Guru Fly Reel (catalogue page 41)


Model 1.5 - Line size 3/4/5 - weight 4.70 - diameter 3.15” - Capacity WF4 + 100m Code: GURU1.5 £179.00

A word from our expert:  “With a legendary conical drag system, this is a reel that won’t let you down”

Rio InTouch Perception Trout Floating Fly Line (catalogue page 45) Sizes available: WF3-WF8

Comment: “best river lines going” Codes Camo/Tan/Grey: PEC3 to PEC8 Green/Camo/Tan: PEG3 to PEG8 £69.99

A word from our expert:  “This is currently the best river fly line for all round performance.”

Rio InTouch Trout LT Floating Line (catalogue page 45)


Sizes available: WF3-WF6, DT3-DT6 Codes WF: ILWF3 – ILWF6 DT: DT3 to DT6 £69.99

A word from our expert:  “The InTouch LT is the best line for delicate presentation and small flies.”

Roman Moser Minicon Braided Loops – Trout (catalogue page 64) Code: RMM1 £7.99

A word from our expert:  “These loops are the neatest and smallest on the market. They are the closest you will get to a welded loop.”

GINK Fly Float (catalogue page 65) Code: J1450 £5.99

A word from our expert:  “Gink is a premium fly floatant. You only need to apply it once and allow it to dry and your fly will float all day long.”

Orvis Original Mud (catalogue page 65) Code: 6947 £3.95

A word from our expert:  “Orvis river mud will help remove the shine of leaders as well as sink those high floating tippet materials.”

Frog Hair Co-Polymer Tippet (catalogue page 66) Weights available: 2.8lb, 3.7lb, 4.9lb, 6.2lb, 8.5lb Codes: G0010 to G0018 £4.99

A word from our expert:  “Frog Hair is a subtle, ultra-thin co-polymer tippet material which is perfect when using dry flies.”

Riverge Grand Max Tippet (catalogue page 66)


Weights available: 2.4lb, 3.5lb, 4.75,lb, 6lb, 7.5lb, 9.5lb, 12.5lb, 14.5lb, 16.5lb Code: TIPWAKFLUGRA £8.99 for 30yds £22.99 for 100yds

A word from our expert: “This is by far the highest quality fluorocarbon on the market. It’s extremely thin, virtually invisible in water and good for use with nymphs. Grand Max offers excellent knot strength and is my ‘go to’ sub-surface tippet.”

Rio Powerflex Trout Tapered Leaders (catalogue page 67) 9’ Long Weights available: 2.4lb, 3.4lb, 5lb, 6.4lb, 8.2lb, 10lb, 13lb, 15lb Code: TL7 £3.99

A word from our expert: “Presentation is key in all types of fishing. Whenever I fish small flies I use Rio Powerflex leaders to improve the turnover of my fly. They are vital.”

Shakespeare Sigma Tippet Spool Holder (catalogue page 68) Code: 1308984 £2.99

A word from our expert: “Spool holders are very handy to organise the multiple tippets we carry as fishermen.”

Simms Nippers (catalogue page 68)


Code: SN1 £32.99

A word from our expert: “These nippers are one of the sharpest available. They are very easy to use, even with cold hands, due to their broader frame design.”

C&F Design Medium 12-Row Fly Box with Two-Sided Sling Leaf (catalogue page 73) Code: CF-25676 £39.99

A word from our expert: “The sling leaf in this box allows you to carry all the flies you could ever need in your jacket or vest.”

C&F Design Medium 9-Row Fly Box with Sling Leaf and Dropper Spool (catalogue page 73)


Code: CF-2556N £44.99

A word from our expert:  “This box can contain everything you need to change your flies and leaders easily and quickly while in the river.”

Guideline Reel Bag (catalogue page 74) Code: 70474 £54.99 A word from our expert:

“This bag is a brilliant solution for having all your reels available to you on the riverbank or the boat – you can be prepared for all conditions!”

McLean Short Handle Weigh Net (catalogue page 78)


Comments: “weigh those specimen trout” Code: MLSW £69.99

A word from our expert:  “This extremely well designed net allows you to land you fish safely and also weigh it accurately.”

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses (catalogue page 81)


Code: GLACOS580FAN £169.00

A word from our expert:  “The best sunglasses on the market. For fish spotting, use the sunrise lens.”

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