Spring Salmon Fishing: Top Tips

The spring salmon fishing season is well and truly underway, and we’re keen to know how you’ve all been getting on! Whether you’ve managed to swipe an early season springer or haven’t yet found time to wet your line, we’ve got some tips that’ll help you on your way to spring fishing success.  

Salmon Fishing: Top Tips

1. Always refresh your leader material at the beginning of a new season. 2. To ensure the best hook hold make sure all your hooks are strong and sharp. 3. The depth you fish your fly in spring is critical so have a varied selection of sink tips, sinking shooting heads and skagit lines so you can get the fly down. 4. Choosing the right flies will improve your chances dramatically. A good selection of tube flies, coneheads and large doubles is ideal in the spring, as the fish will be holding deep in the colder water. 5. It is important to respect the river throughout the whole season. A nod to safety equipment like the Englands or Airflo safety vests is wise. 6. A decent set of waders and a wading jacket will keep you dry and comfortable and also allows you to carry all tackle essentials while fishing. 7. Spring mornings can be crisp therefore a set of thermals and mid layers are important to keep warm in the water. 8. Consider the 5 year average of every salmon beat, even if some were lacking in numbers last year they could well provide success this spring. 9. Vary the speed you fish the fly by either casting at different angles or stripping the fly. 10. Cover as much water as possible as after the winter floods pools and holding places will have changed. 11. If you suffer from cold hands try the new Guideline Fir-Skin gloves as these are very thin and don’t impede your casting and are extremely warm. 12. Top 10 flies - Black and Orange Piglet Bottle Tube, Gold Gunn Loop Bottle Tube, Black & Yellow Plastic Tube Conehead, Super Snaelda Conehead, Tungsten Cascade Conehead, Tungsten Black and Yellow Conehead, Glenswood Black & Yellow Shrimp, Glyn Freeman Boyo Salmon Double, Kinermony Killer Double, The Monkey Copper Tube FlySal.   Still yet to grab your session on the water? Why not book one with fishpal.com, rodsonrivers.com or tweedbeats.com before the end of May, to really make the most of what the season has to offer.