Spring Salmon Fishing

The 2015 spring salmon season is now well underway and finally most rivers are see good numbers of salmon. Spring salmon fishing offers the chance for the greatest catch of all, the magnificent springer. In this article the John Norris Pro Team have some great top tips and tackle recommendations to help you get ahead of the rest. The spring salmon season runs until the end of May, so you have over two months to catch an early season springer. If you are intending to wet a line in the spring months but have not yet booked your fishing take a look at www.fishpal.com or www.rodsonrivers.com or www.tweedbeats.com to help you out with some fantastic fishing opportunities.  Top Tips for Spring Salmon Fishing - Replace your nylon at the beginning of every season - Tube flies are a great option for spring as the fish will be holding deep. There is now a great range and weights of tube flies, Tungsten, Copper with or with coneheads. - Have a good selection of sinking tips so you can change depth quickly - Choose you beat carefully making sure you look closely at the five year average and not just what they caught last year - Maximise your day by fishing hard during the warmest part of the day. - Always take advise from the Ghillie or Guide as they will know the beat you are fishing like the back of there hand - Remember to renew your rod licence if applicable. - Changing the depth and speed you fish your fly will increase your chances of hooking a fish. - Always wear glasses of some description. Use a yellow lens if using polarised glasses. - Use wading staff, for balance and safety. - Always wear a life jacket. - Thermal base and mid layers will keep you warm and comfortable  The Best Rivers for Spring Salmon - Eden - Dee - Tweed - Tay -Tyne - North or South Esk - Spey