Salmon Season Hits New Peak As Perfect Weather Settles In

The October rains have hit and it is producing spectacular fishing conditions. Thanks to some of the best salmon fishing weather seen in a while, our Facebook page has lit up with updates on the big catches taking place. Derek Spry, one of our tackle advisors, caught this monster thanks to the exemplary fishing conditions seen at the River Eden.

 Salmon Fishing Success

The good fishing conditions haven’t just been seen at River Eden, either. Great results have also been seen at The Yorkshire Fly. Mark Strong detailed his successes on our Facebook page. Mark Strong The good news just kept coming in, on October 14th even more results came in from The Yorkshire Fly.

Upper Eden - Yorkshire Fly

Good yields were also reported from the River Tay in Scotland where an impressive 369 salmon and 26 seatrout have been counted. The River Tweed has bought in similarly good results - 428 Salmon and 48 seatrout. For the latest catches from Scotland take a look on Fish Pal and discover which rivers are still open. Make sure you don’t miss out on the excellent fishing conditions and join in our community of big salmon catchers. Post your best catches to our Facebook page and we’ll share all your hard work! See if you can beat the impressive 34lb salmon that was caught at Dunkeld House in Tweed. Be sure to stock up on your fly fishing supplies so that you can catch yourself a bit of the action. What have been some of your biggest successes? Share your stories with us and the rest of our fans!