Salmon Fishing with Julian Shaw: River Eden, Armathwaite

April 6th 2016 River Eden @Armathwaite – Low House Beat 1’8” and dropping I fished the fly for an hour and caught a really big brownie on Copper Monkey.



I was using a 15ft Vision Tool.


Rio Skagit Max 750grain with a 15ft tip 

This was going well but not covering the areas well at the river height. I decided to change tactic and got my spinning gear out; I was using my 11ft LPXE Guideline Spinning rod. I put on my trusty Flying C in black and silver and fished for another hour, with no response.

I then decided to change to a 13cm Floating Rapala Blue and Silver. 

I had a solid take after only 5 minutes, and Phillip the keeper netted out a cracking fresh 10lb fish. It was quickly released off the one barbless treble and took off like a steam train. Twenty minutes later, Phillip called me to say Alan who was fishing that day as his guest had just released another fish in the 8lb class, again brand new. The middle Eden seems to have quite a few fish in most beats; these are encouraging signs, long may it continue! I was also asked by Snowbee to test their brand new Geo 5 Breathable Waders. I was seriously impressed by them. The fit on the body of the waders was excellent and also in the foot. The zip functioned really well and the breathability was also excellent. I would definitely put them amongst the best waders on the market, and was so impressed that I sold a pair the next day on my own recommendations! Definitely one to watch this season, great product.