Salmon Fishing On The Cargill Beat

The Cargill beat is one of the most renowned places along the River Tay for the fishing of wild salmon. Popular due to its breathtaking surroundings and the large volumes of fish that congregate there, the beat has helped many skilled fishermen catch some of the largest salmon fish in history. salmon fishing on the cargill beat The beat is made up of two smaller double-bank beats, known as upper and lower Cargill. These beats are fished on alternative days throughout the year and with only six rods allowed per day (Cargill alternates with Ballathie). During the first 20 weeks of the season, the beat has one ghillie on hand; then from week 21 onwards, there are two. The salmon fishing season lasts from January 15th to October 31st. Cargill’s facilities include two boats, restrooms, and a luncheon hut, where cooking facilities, running water and a wood burner can be found. Fishermen have been known to enjoy the location for the peace and seclusion it offers, among scenery that is clean and unspoilt. The other attractive prospect is that fish can be caught almost any day of the year, with salmon entering the Tay on daily basis. The Cargill beat begins with Bridge Stream – a small stream of water on its upper beat that can be fished when the water is at any height, making it ideal for fly fishing. Secondary to this stream is the large ridge of sandstone rock, which runs down the river for nearly half a mile. Over the years, forceful flows of current have worn deep crevices into the rock, providing salmon with a series of ideal lies in which they like to accumulate when water levels are low. This makes them easier for fishermen to fish, especially if they are using spinning or fly. As a result, many of the smaller pools created by this ridge have acquired descriptive names such as Pot Shot, Cobble Croy and the Cradle.

Cargill's Monsters

  • 41lb September 1906, Mr Arthur Moon
  • 53lb October 1923, Sir Stuart Coats
  • 43lb October 1926, Sir Stuart Coats
  • 42lb September 1944, Lower Cargill
  • 40lb September 1944, Upper Cargill
  • 40lb September 1946, Upper Cargill
  • 41lb October 1948, Pot Shot
  • 42lb June 1958, Colin Leslie, Pot Shot
  • 42lb June 1959, Colin Leslie, The Cradle
  • 42lb September 1972, Colin Leslie, The Cradle
  • 40lb August 1973, Jim Pirrie, Cobble Croy
  • 42lb September 1974, Gordon McGregor, Cobble Croy
  • 41lb September 1975, George Taylor, Cobble Croy