Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing

Small (Spate) Rivers Single handed rods can be used in areas where overhead casting is possible. A 10ft 7 or 8 weight rod would be most suitable combined with a floating line and interchangeable polyleader tips. When fishing in more difficult conditions, where a potential back cast is not possible for example, then a switch rod of 10’6 – 11’6 in length is the most appropriate option. We would recommend using a dedicated switch line with changeable tips (e.g. Rio Scandi Short Versitip) and thus allowing a Spey style of casting to be adopted. Medium Sized Rivers Rivers of a medium size will have a considerably greater flow of water in comparison to smaller ones. This increase can dictate the use of larger double handed rods, usually between 12ft – 13ft 6” in length and with a line rating of around 8 – 9. This provides far greater casting distance and also control of the fly, therefore fishing the water far more effectively. There is a large choice of line profiles to suit all abilities and techniques required for all situations. A Scandi Shooting Head or a Skagit with the correct tips is an excellent choice for medium sized rivers. In low water a single handed rod may be more suitable. This is mainly due to the necessity for a stealthy approach in such conditions. Large Sized Rivers Large rivers require longer more powerful rods, 14ft - 15ft for long casting, fishing sinking lines, using large non aerodynamic flies and hopefully subdue specimen fish. There are many different lines available for all casting styles and situations. These range from Skagit and Shooting heads to long belly Spey lines. Always have a selection of tips or sinking heads available to fish different depths. Top tip Whether fishing a 10ft 6” 8 weight switch or a 15ft 10 – 11 weight salmon rod it is critical to match the correct weight of line to the chosen rod. This will then allow a far greater level of performance. Each model of rod on the market, in a multitude of lengths, differs in terms of action and power. This therefore means different rods are better suited to a particular line weight and type. This is always worth paying particular attention or getting advice for our Pro Team when purchasing a salmon fly rod.