Quick Q & A with Our Fly Fishing Experts

Now that fly fishing season is here and with the weather slowly starting to warm up a bit, some of our fly fishing experts have got together a few of the most common fly fishing questions that we have seen being asked lately. If any of you have any other questions or areas of fly fishing you would like help with, please don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook and send us a quick message detailing what it is you would like us to try and help you with.  

What is the basic difference between salt water and fresh water fly fishing? 

Salt water and fresh water contain a variety of different species which can be targeted in multiple ways. For example salt water fly fishing often requires fairly short heavier weighted rods. These rods allow you to cast big flies a long distance whilst coping with the harsh conditions that you can be faced with when fishing in the ocean. Species often targeted are bonefish, mullet, bass and tarpon. Fly fishing in freshwater usually involves the use of lighter weighted rods and generally smaller flies than salt water types. Freshwater species that are often fished for include a variety of trout, grayling, salmon and pike.  

What are some key tips when fly fishing?

- When fishing in stillwater always fish the margins before casting further out into open water. This prevents spooking what are potentially catchable fish. - Presentation is everything, look to present your fly within your own casting capabilities. Distance is not everything and certainly does not always mean more landed fish. A better presented fly on the other hand often does. - When salmon fishing, it is always worth changing your leader after catching a fish. This will get rid of any weaknesses that have been created in your tippet material and ensure a strong, secure connection with the next fish you hook. - Always evenly re-wind your fly line onto your fly reel before every salmon fishing outing. This will prevent your fly line snagging when playing a fish and give you the best chance of landing it. - Choose an appropriate tippet size for the type and size for fish you are targeting. A tippet material that is too thick can discourage fish from taking your fly. Whereas a tippet material too thin or too light in terms of strength can result fish being lost once hooked.  

What are you tying this month?

 Trout: Large Dark Olive, Elk Hair Emerger, Epoxy Buzzer Black and Olive, Black Traffic Light Buzzer and a Pheasant Tail Nymph. Salmon: Spring Boyo, Green Highlander, Ice Madden and a Super Snelda. A full list of all our flies can be found here.  

What are the best fishing channels on Sky?

Sky Discovery has a good number of different fishing programs listed; however, YouTube is by far the best place to find and watch fishing videos.  

What are good gifts for fly fisherman?

Fly boxes, pro selector fly selections (multiple choices), nets and wading staffs, sunglasses, fly fishing accessories - e.g. forceps, scissors, disgorgers, priests and scales.