Products Under £10

Here at John Norris of Penrith we stock thousands of different products for people who enjoy fly fishing, shooting or generally love spending their time outdoors. Although people visiting our website normally do so with a particular item in mind they would like to purchase, browsing a website is not like visiting the shop as it is not as easy to see a lot of the other, smaller products we have on offer at fantastic prices. This is why we thought it would be a good idea to do a short article on some great items we have in stock, all costing under £10. Ideal for yourself or as a gift for someone else.   eGear Pico Personal Survival Light - £6.99 The eGear Pico Personal Survival Light features a clip for easy attachment to your keys or backpack so you can take it just about anywhere extra light is needed.   Greys Cap Light - £7.99 Compact, lightweight and slim design. Batteries included.   Lifesystems Head Net - £6.99 Lifesystems Head Net is made with a fine black mesh and will protect the head, face and neck from annoying flying insects when outdoors.   Lifesystems Midge & Mosquito Insect Repellent - £5.25 Has been formulated by combining myrtle extract with DEET to provide increased protection from small biting insects. Protection lasts for up to 8 hours.   Roman Moser Minicon Braided Loops - £6.25 - £7.50 Roman Moser Minicon Braided Loops are the highest quality, slimmest connection loops for fly lines made from a double wall of braid.   Fulling Mill Large Tactical Slimline Box - £5.95 The super slim design of the Fulling Mill Tactical Slim-Line Boxes is ideal for smaller flies. This large size box will hold up to 168 flies.   Fulling Mill Foam Inserts Pocket Fly Box - £2.45 Small, tough and simple, the Fulling Mill Pocket Fly Boxes have been designed to fit in your shirt pocket.   Seeland Thermal Mug - £6.99 This Seeland Thermal Mug is stylish and practical. It is made from lightweight, durable stainless steel.     Greys Prodigy Compact Multi Tool - £5.99 The Greys Prodigy Compact Multi Tool has 14 functions: fine nosed pliers; wire strippers; wire cutters; 4 x screwdrivers; saw; penknife; tin opener; punch and 2 files.   Seeland Stainless Steel Cups - £6.99 35ml Stainless steel cups four piece. In a leather cover.