James Norris Interview in Fieldsports Magazine

Our very own James Norris, was recently interviewed by game shooting and fishing publication, Fieldsports Magazine. In it he talks about how our business has grown from a small sports shop in a terraced building, to one of the biggest specialist country sports suppliers in the UK. He also talks about his favourite form of fishing and favourite places to fish. As the manager of John Norris, James is responsible for monitoring orders in our Penrith shop; meeting with suppliers and talking to customers about their favourite products. He often spends time testing new and upcoming products and giving feedback based on what he knows his customers want. “With the growth of the internet, especially fishing forums, our customers are really knowledgeable,” James says. “So the challenge for us is to ensure that the products we stock are up to the task. “We spend a lot of time testing and, on many occasions, suggesting improvements to products before they are launched. Every customer wants and deserves the best and we pride ourselves on matching their needs to the best equipment available, whether they are novices or experienced. This is why we listen to our customers Click here to read the full interview, including James’ thoughts on catch & release and the future of wild salmon stocks.