Imperfect Hunter Boots on Sale now!

From time to time here at John Norris we are lucky enough to secure a collection of imperfect Hunter wellingtons, imperfect in the fact that they haven't quite passed the strict guidelines which Hunter set out for themselves. At the moment we have managed to get our hands on a number of these slightly imperfect Hunter wellingtons.  We have generally noticed that the only problem with them is that the badge may be slightly off centre or there may be a slight discolouration in the wellies. As you can see the problems are minimal and you would probably only notice them because you were looking for them, most other people wouldn't notice anything wrong with them. We have priced these accordingly and are pleased to be able to offer these at exceptional prices. For example, the Hunter Slightly Imperfect Balmoral Bamboo Carbon Dark Olive are currently available for £59.99 instead of the usual price of £115.00 which is what we charge for perfect Hunter wellingtons in this category. Also on offer are the high performance Hunter Slightly Imperfect Balmoral Bamboo Carbon Dark Olive boots available for just £69.99 instead of the usual £130.00 for perfect Hunter wellingtons in this collection. These imperfect Hunter wellingtons are available in both Dark Olive and Brown and a range of sizes from 4 -14 If you don't want to purchase imperfect Hunter wellingtons then you should take a look at the other Hunter wellingtons we have here on the site. Whether you are looking for Hunter Original wellingtons, Hunter Balmoral Classic wellingtons, Hunter Balmoral Royal wellingtons or Hunter Balmoral Sovereign wellingtons we are sure you will find what you are looking for here on the John Norris site. All products are selling fast so check them out now to avoid disappointment.