How To Smoke Fish, Game, Poultry and Meat

If you’ve caught salmon or trout whilst fly fishing, want to prepare game meat like partridge from a hunt, or just want to experiment by cooking shop bought meat in a new and exciting way, you might want to try hot smoking. Hot food smoking is a way of cooking that uses indirect heat and introducing smoke to enhance the flavour. It shouldn’t be confused with cold smoking which is the process used to prepare smoked salmon and some cured meats. In hot food smoking, the meat is cooked whilst being smoked. It can be done in a kettle BBQ, hooded BBQ or gas BBQ, however a smoker cooker will produce the best results. The smoke is produced by smouldering wood chips in a foil pouch or a specially designed smoke box. Smoking is one of the tastiest and healthiest ways of enjoying fish and meat. If you’re on a fishing or hunting trip and want an exciting new way to cook your catch or game, a Snowbee Smoker Cooker has the answer. This convenient and portable hot smoker is small enough to take with you on trips to the country, and is designed for use in the outdoors. Even when using the hot smoker at home it is always advisable to use outside as a lot of smoke is produced. Two fuel pans with heat adjustment, cooking pan, lid with adjustable smoke vent, drip tray and grill make this smoker cooker one of the best on the market. Simply add Snowbee Oak Dust to quickly and efficiently smoke fish, meat, game or poultry in as little as 15 minutes. A Step-by-Step Guide To Hot Smoking With the Snowbee Smoker Cooker
  1. Fill the meth’s burners approximately half full – this should give you 20-25 minutes burning time which is sufficient for most smokings. If you are smoking a particularly large catch you may want to add more fuel. Light the burners and allow the hot smoker to heat up.
  2. Add oak dust chippings to the recessed tray. The amount depends on how strong a smoke flavour you prefer. We would recommend adding a layer sufficient to cover the bottom of the recessed tray.
  3. Prepare your meat or fish. When hot smoking it is best to use small fillets to prevent the outer meat being over-smoked whilst waiting for the inside to cook thoroughly. Gut the fish and split along the backbone, opening up like a butterfly fillet to allow the smoke to heat and penetrate. De bone and fillet any meat to small sized pieces.
  4. Season your meat with salt as this draws fluids from the cells of the meat and fish, allowing the smoke to penetrate further.
  5.  Place your prepared meat or fish on the grill in the hot smoker and replace the lid, adjusting the smoke vent to allow smoke to escape or contain for a fuller flavour.
  6. Cook your meat or fish to your preferred tastes. Fish takes less time to cook than most meats. With meats like chicken it is very important to ensure that it is cooked through to the bone.