How to Care for Your Waders

Ever wanted to give your waders the treatment they deserve? Well, whether you need to re-waterproof the fabric, shift a nasty smell or generally give them a good old fashioned clean, we’ve got it covered. Here’s a quick guide to taking good care of your waders, so they can continue to take good care of you!  


There are three main reasons you should keep your waders clean. Firstly, it aids in the breathability of the fabric and helps the waders perform better. It also ensures they are comfortable to wear – dirty waders can get stiff with grime. And, of course, it keeps them (and you) hygienic and smelling nice! Gore-tex and breathable waders should be washed at least twice a season. It’s also important to wash and dry your waders before any repairs are done.
  1.  Machine Washing

When washing waders in a washing machine, there are some very important things to remember:
  • If possible, take off any loose parts such as shoulder straps or wading belts. Alternatively, fold them inside a zip lock bag to prevent them getting caught inside the machine.
  • Always use cold water with a cold rinse.
  • Never use powder always a non bio liquid detergent. Grangers Wash-In Cleaner or Revivex High Tech Fabric Cleaner and Nikwax are a more gentle option, specifically designed for waterproof wader fabric.
  • Do NOT use any fabric softener.
  • Hang the waders inside out and let them drip dry.
If you want to store your waders, it is VERY IMPORTANT that they are completely dry. Folding up damp waders can cause mould to form, or cause the tape on the seams to loosen and fade.  
  1. Hand Washing

You can also wash your waders by hand in a bath or a large sink. To do this, simply follow the steps below
  • Dissolve washing solution in cool water and soak the waders.
  • If they are particularly dirty, just scrub them lightly with a soft brush.
  • Ensure you rinse the waders thoroughly.
  • Hang your waders up inside out and leave them to dry completely.
  • Remember to make sure they are COMPLETELY dry before putting them away (see above).


Should the waterproof coating on your waders start failing, don’t panic! There is a simple way to get your waders back to their old selves. Simply follow these easy steps:
  1. Hang your waders up.
  2. Spray on the Simms Revivex Water Repellent. There is no need to spray it on neoprene or rubber parts.
  3. While waders are damp, use a hairdryer to activate the water repellent treatment, and help dry the waders.