Flying Condoms - Popular and Effective Spinning Baits

Flying Condoms are one of the most popular and effective spinning baits. They are available in various sizes/weights and colours, each one effective in the right conditions. Weight - the size of river and rod determine the weight you need. Large rivers like the River Tay require a heavy bait on a large rod to achieve a long cast. The smaller the river, the shorter the cast - this makes lighter baits ideal in this scenario. Colour - this depends on the water conditions at the time; if the water is high and dirty, a bright colour, such as pink or yellow would be more appropriate. A black or red bait would be better suited to clearer conditions. Technique - Using a flying condom - keep it simple. Cast out over the pool you are fishing and retrieve the bait. To cover the water efficiently, vary both direction (upstream or downstream) and retrieval speed. Mixing it up gives you best chance of being successful on the day. Check out our collection of flying condoms.