Fly Rods

Fly fishing requires finesse and technical expertise as well as patience and intuition. Beginners tend to hurl the line frantically toward the point they’re aiming at, whereas veterans have integrated the physics of fly fishing into their bodies, generating the impulse to cast the line through a subtle and precise whisk of the rod, stopping abruptly at just the right moment and watching the resulting loop of energy cast the line satisfyingly to its destination just as a fly would land on the water’s surface. As with all crafts, the tools one uses to achieve one’s goals are all important. John Norris offers a superb range of fly rods, from the basic equipment of the novice to the sophisticated instrument of the master craftsman.
Starting with fly rods for beginners, the ones to look out for will need to be more flexible, generating a slower impulse and making the line easier to cast, as well as softening the presentation of the fly to the water’s surface to appear more like live bait. An excellent and inexpensive beginner’s fly rod is the Shakespeare Expedition series, available from John Norris for between £42.99 and £49.99. There are five models altogether, ranging in length from 8ft 6inches to 9ft 6inches, and they come in five or seven piece designs. Excellent for both freshwater and saltwater, they’re extremely versatile, easy to carry about and just ideal for novices. All models come with Triple ‘A’ Grade cork handles, overslide/push-in joints for ease of assembly, lined stripper guide with snake intermediates and spring-loaded keeper ring. Supplied in Cordura Tube, they’re robust and light.
At the other end of the scale comes the magnificent Hardy Angel 2 DH Fly Rod, available from John Norris for £999.00. Thirteen feet of highly engineered perfection, this rod is perfect for smaller salmon rivers but can be used for big sea trout, as well. Ideal for shallow rivers in the summer, its light line makes for fantastic salmon fishing. This rod took years of development to improve on the excellent original Angel fly rod; it’s an attempt which has definitely paid off. The new fly rod is constructed from no less than eight multi-modulus materials, the effect of which is to take the original Angel to a completely new level. It comes with a unique anodised locking reel seat with Texalium insert and has four sections for ease of travel. Anglers who fly fish for long periods will find its perfect balance a godsend, and its fast and ultra-fast blanks are essential attributes for such a lengthy fly rod. Sheer perfection.