Fly Lines

Cortland has revamped its 444 Classic Series of fly lines and one of the most stunningly smooth in the range is the wonderful 444 XP Classic. It might just be the world’s favourite fly line, with its subtle peach colouring and superb flexibility, especially at lower temperatures (which is just dandy for UK anglers!). Available from John Norris at just £45.99, this fly line delivers the most delicate presentation when the fly hits the water surface, seriously replicating nature. And if you’re into trout fishing, the Cortland Precision Sub-Surface – Still Water Clear Camo Fly Line in unbeatable (available from John Norris at £55.99). With its solid mono core, it has a huge following in all manner of locations, no matter how hot or how cold. It can cheerfully withstand searing sun rays and tooth-clattering cold with no loss of durability or flexibility. When the water you’re fishing in is crystal clear, you need a crystal clear line, and this one won’t disappoint, hovering invisibly beneath the water’s surface once cast and doing ‘just as it says on the tin’, to steal a phrase.
Spey casting is, of course, a two-handed form of fly fishing best suited for larger fish like salmon, sea trout and steelhead. Developed originally, as its name suggests, in Scotland’s River Spey, it’s a technique also used in saltwater surf fishing. Cutting a long story short, you’re going to need a strong fly line for this technique. But strength has to be combined with precision design and finesse, qualities which the superb Rio Power Spey Versitip Fly Line possesses in spades. John Norris supplies these lines at £99.99, ranging from size 9 (120 feet) to size 11 (130 feet). Be warned, though, that this is a high performance fly line designed for experienced anglers who prefer to fish with longer rods and longer belly lines. Its unique taper design makes it wonderfully easy to cast, at any length. The front taper is simply perfect for realistic presentation – your ‘fly’ will look exactly like one of nature’s own as it touches the water to any passing trout or salmon. But even though the presentation has a light touch, the power is positively Herculean – it’ll cope with the unfriendliest of winds and the largest of flies.
Whatever fly line you need, the breathtaking range available at John Norris can match your requirements, whether you wear an ‘L’ plate or a master craftsman’s badge of honour.