Fly Fishing Tips from Glyn Freeman

Here at John Norris we interviewed Glyn Freeman and asked him for his fly fishing tips, here are a few of his best tips: Always use the appropriate Spey cast to suit the wind direction. Too many anglers get hit by the fly or experience cross-over’s and tangles not doing so. Fish the fly right into the dangle, it is surprising how many fish will follow a fly right across the river. Far too often anglers will whip the fly away before a fish has committed. The use of eye protection and other safety equipment like wading staffs and life jackets are a must. While wading, stay in your comfort zone. Do not become another statistic! Fishing the fly for salmon at the correct depth, movement and speed is vital. The use of varying densities of sink tips, weights of fly and mends made for differing flows will achieve the ideal fishing depth, usually around 18 to 24 inches below the surface. Get your fly casting and fishing skills up to speed before the season begins or prior to that trip of a lifetime abroad. Many days and opportunities are wasted on good water trying to get a fishable line out. GLYN FREEMAN is a full time, fully qualified A.A.P.G.A.I fly-casting instructor and guide for John Norris of Penrith.  He takes people out on fly fishing experiences and gives them tuition for salmon and trout on the beautiful river Eden throughout the year.