Dog Products from John Norris

Are you looking to treat your canine friend to something special this Christmas?  If so, you need to visit the dog products section on the John Norris site.

Our top 5 buys for dogs

1. 40 Winks Red Polyester/Faux Sheepskin Dog Bed – this bright red dog bed is available in 4 sizes with the smallest being suitable for a Jack Russell and the largest suitable for a Labrador.  This dog bed comes with reversible cushions and a non-slip base and can be washed in the washing machine, something we know is extremely important for many of you.

2. House of Paws Water Resistant Crate Dog Mats – the nylon fabric of these mats make them an ideal choice for anyone who likes to take their dog on long walks no matter what the weather is like.  These dog mats are ideal for muddy paws and preventing wet bedding after a walk.  Available in 2 colours and in 3 sizes

3. Barbour Quilted Dog Coats – even though a dog has their own coat to keep them warm they’re sure to still feel the extreme temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately.  If you want your four legged friend to be warm no matter what the weather you need to treat them to one of these coats.  Available in olive and 4 sizes

4. Dog Grooming Combs – depending on the breed of dog you have this time of year can mean they are moulting a lot so a good set of grooming combs are a must to ensure you get rid of any excess hair and keep their coat looking shiny and groomed

5. Kong Classic Dog Toy – this toy is a must buy for any dog lover.  Created over 30 years ago, it’s been keeping dogs entertained ever since.  You can choose to give your dog the Kong as it comes to give them something they won’t damage to chew on or fill it with treats and watch them play for ages

In addition to the products mentioned above we have a massive selection of dog products including dog accessories, dog training aids, dog carriers and more.