Cold Weather Apparel for the Winter Months Ahead

Keeping warm during fishing season is a must. We’ve put together a few of our favourite items that will keep you toasty when fishing in February for the start of salmon and trout season. Be sure to take a look at our list of salmon and trout rivers and decide where you’ll be wearing these great cold weather clothes. We’ve got you covered from head to toe when it comes to fishing gear. Don’t forget you can also take a look at our fly fishing accessories so that you’re using the best equipment in 2015.   Keeping your hands warm in winter is one of the most sure fire ways to stay comfortable in the cold weather. Barbour have created some seriously warm inner thermal gloves that are the perfect way for you to enjoy the great outdoors this winter. Lightweight and durable, these Barbour Thermal Inner gloves are the next best thing to sitting next to the fire. £13.95.    Ensuring that you don’t hurt yourself during the winter can be a difficult feat, particularly if you live near icy roads. Dubarry have created some helpful boot chains so that you can keep a sure footing on the treacherous ground. They’re versatile enough to add to any pair of boots, so make sure you buy these Dubarry Boot Chain. £25.00.   If part of your winter routine is walking the dog or taking them fishing and hunting with you, then you’ll want your best friend wrapped up as warm as you. Barbour have a super comfortable range of thermally insulated dog coats that is sure to keep your spaniel, gun dog or any other four legged friend warm and happy. Try out their Quilted Dog Coat as a starting point. £34.95.    Offering some serious protection from Winter weather as well as supporting your ankle as you walk are these Le Chameau boots. They’ll afford you many hours of walking when hunting, allowing you to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted by your feet hurting. Try the Le Chameau Arran + GTX Boots on for size and be more comfortable as you hunt. £280.00.   With your hands, feet and body taken care of the final thing you’ll need to stay warm during winter sports is a good quality fleece lined hat. Barbour’s Hunter Hat offers a versatile solution; with a waterproof waxed cotton outer layer and polyester fleece on the inside it’s sure to keep you warm. You can even tie up the ear flaps so that you can hunt in comfort. £32.95.