Cats at John Norris of Penrith

With our range of dog products continuing to grow each year, we thought we would offer a new purr-fect range for our feline friends as well. It seems to be a condition of working here in mail order that you must be the proud owner of at least one cat or kitten! Cats are very loyal and caring animals, when it suits them! They love nothing more that sleeping (in comfort of course), being warm, playing and scratching and generally running riot!

Cat Beds

The range we have introduced features a great range of snuggle beds. My favourite is the new 40 Winks Country Tweed/Plush Oval Sleeper Cat Bed for only £13.99. It is made from on trend grey tweed to suit your home, but most importantly it has the softest, warmest luxury plush inner, perfect for snuggling into. Let’s face it, cats would sleep 24 hours a day if they could so they might as well be comfy! It’s even machine washable at 30 degrees.

Rosewood 2 in 1 Cat Bed

Another favourite has to be the 2 in 1 bed, which enables your cat to snuggle up and get all the heat from the radiator; total cat heaven! This is ideal for older cats and a variety of agilities, as it can also be housed on the floor for easy access. The cover is removable, just slip off and pop in the machine at 30 degrees to freshen up. Great price of only £12.99.

Cat Scratchers All cat owners have experienced their cat scratching at the sofa, the carpet and even swinging from the curtains! This brand new range from Rosewood is a fantastic solution and will encourage your cat away from your furniture (hopefully).

Rosewood Saffron Cat Scratcher Post

Natural Seagrass covered posts with square textile base and soft luxury plush top for catnaps! Also includes a hanging feather toy for playtime. It’s perfect for keeping your cat entertained and is great for their claws and your furniture too! Infused with the finest catnip to maintain your cat's interest and provide hours of fun and enjoyment. Introductory price only £23.99.

Rosewood Silvervine Seagrass Animal Cat Toy

Large, fun cat toy enhanced with silvervine, a natural attractant known to induce a very playful reaction in cats; it's even better than catnip! Plush fur also appeals to their feline hunting instincts. Perfect for pouncing and encouraging healthy exercise and play, it includes a natural seagrass scratch roller to please paws. Great price of only £5.50.

Cat Toys Having three cats myself, I wanted to make sure that the toy selection we stocked really worked and that cats enjoyed playtime with them. I have purchased various toys in the past and found that they play with them for a couple of minutes and then lose interest, but I was delighted when I tried these. My cats are 11, 10 and 11 months and they all loved playing with the various toys. The GOGO Laser was an absolute favourite and the Roll Around Mouse toy is adored by my kitten.

Rosewood GOGO Laser Chaser

This battery powered Rosewood GOGO Laser Chaser cat toy is great for play-time! It can be operated as a chaser (moving around the floor for your cat to chase) or a handheld laser pointer. Great price of only £8.50. 

Roll Around Mouse Toy

This is a battery powered cat toy with a sporadic spin and roll action! Touch activated - when your cat taps it, it will begin to move. It includes brightly coloured feathers, and available in assorted colours. Special price just £6.99.