A top quality, four section fly rod with a life time warranty for under £70.00… look no further than the Guideline EXP4!


The EXP4 was designed with one purpose in mind – to create an affordable rod that makes casting effortless but at the same time did not limit the rods performance. The deep loading nature of this fly rod makes it very easy to feel exactly what your fly line is doing as it travels through the air. This sensitivity allows for more consistent casting and all in all a better days fishing. The high quality materials used in manufacturing the EXP4 ensure the rod recovers fast and does not feel sluggish when casting. The EXP4 is all in all a tremendous fly rod for the money!

What species of fish is it designed to be used for?

Guideline is a company which specialises in migratory and non-migratory game fishing, this rod is no exception with sizes designed to suit a variety of fishing situations. The smaller rods under 9ft are specifically designed for river trout and grayling fishing in Europe where presentation is key. These models in particular have a gorgeous gentle action that excel when fishing a dry fly or emerging patterns. The larger rods over 9ft 6in are an ideal choice for Still Water/Reservoir fishing as well as single handed Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing. In these larger sizes the rods have considerably more power making them excellent distance casting tools. Combined with the correct fly line they turn over larger flies with ease.

Fly Line and Size Guide

The fly lines below are all great all-rounders that provide not only great presentation but great capabilities to cope with changing weather conditions when out on the river. A variety of budgets have been taken into account depending on what you are looking for.

For the Guideline EXP4 rods up to 9ft (7ft 6in 3wt, 8ft 6in 4wt and 9ft 5wt) we recommend the following lines –

 - Budget - Greys Platinum Shoot at £19.99

 - Mid-Range - Snowbee XS at £38.99

 - Ultimate - Guideline Presentation at £69.99

For the Guideline EXP4 rods over 9ft (9ft 6in 6wt, 9ft 6in 7wt, 9ft 6in 8wt and 10ft 7wt) we recommend the following lines –

 - Budget - John Norris P3 Extreme Distance at £12.99

 - Mid-Range – Snowbee Xs-Plus Xs-Tra Distance at £39.99

 - Ultimate - Guideline 4Cast at £59.99


For more information on the Guideline EXP4 Fly Rod - click here.