5 Delicious Game Recipes Perfect For Burns Night

Burn’s Night is almost here, and what’s more, it falls on a weekend this year! On Sunday 25th January many people choose to celebrate the life and poetry of Scottish poet Robert Burns with a Burns supper. The main attraction of the traditional supper is of course haggis, but if you’re hosting a Burns supper this year, try cooking up something more adventurous with your game. These mouth-watering game recipes are sure to live up to everyone’s high expectations.

Venison Pie with Juniper, Rosemary & Bay

This rich and flavourful pie with tender, juicy venison is a guaranteed winner for any Burns supper. The golden pastry and leafy greens makes for a colourful plate and a warming winter feast. This is one of Jamie Oliver’s greatest game dishes. Follow the recipe here Venison Pie with Juniper, Rosemary & Bay

Gamekeeper’s Pie

This warming and hearty pie is generously saucy and filled with chunks of tender game meat. Use whatever game you have – pheasant, partridge, rabbit, pigeon and hare all work well. It is topped with mashed potato, which should satisfy any staunch traditionalists and their desire for tatties. Find the recipe here Gamekeeper’s Pie

Roast Loin of Venison with Haggis Ravioli and Game Consommé

This is a rather controversial interpretation of the traditional Burns supper - one that includes the flavour of haggis in a whole new way. The delicious and rich flavour of venison is the main character in this meal, whilst the haggis ravioli adds depth and imagination to the dish. See the recipe here Roast Loin of Venison with Haggis Ravioli and Game Consommé 

Venison Sausages with Red Wine and Rosemary Gravy

Sausages are similar to haggis in that they were traditionally made by stuffing meat, herbs and other ingredients into pig or sheep intestines. Today hardly any sausages, or haggis for that matter, are still made using entrails, but it’s a whole new way to use your game meat for the Burns Night meal. Fine the recipe here Venison Sausages with Red Wine and Rosemary Gravy 

Roast Breast of Pheasant, Braised Savoy Cabbage and Whisked Mustard Sauce

Enjoy your game with a contemporary twist this Burns night. A light yet hearty dish of rich pheasant breast and savoy cabbage is certain to satisfy your guests. See how it’s made here Roast Breast of Pheasant, Braised Savoy Cabbage and Whisked Mustard Sauce 


Finally, if you’re looking for an exciting twist on the traditional haggis, Macsween have introduced limited edition 3 Bird Haggis, Wild Boar Haggis and a Venison Haggis, or “staggis” for those with a taste for game.