How to catch trout

How to catch trout

Trout is relatively abundant when it comes to angling in the UK’s lakes, and it is a great starting point for those interested in fly fishing wondering where to begin. Whether it’s wild trout or ‘trout fisheries’ – trout fishing is a popular pastime for many anglers around the world.

From rainbow trout to sea trout and other big fish, angling has become a key sport.

Here is our quick guide on how to catch trout and a few of our recommendations for trout fishing gear, although you can browse our full range of fishing tackle products here…

how to catch trout

The history of trout fishing

Trout fishing has a long and rich history, dating back to ancient times. In fact, the first recorded mention of trout fishing dates back to the Roman Empire, where wealthy citizens would travel to mountain streams to catch wild trout. In medieval Europe, trout were highly prized for their delicate flavour and were often served at royal banquets.

However, it wasn't until the 19th century that trout fishing became a popular sport, thanks in part to the development of fly fishing techniques and the stocking of rivers and streams with hatchery-raised trout.

Today, trout fishing is a beloved pastime enjoyed by anglers around the world, with many enthusiasts practicing catch-and-release fishing to preserve wild trout populations for future generations – the UK is particularly keen on trout fishing as the 5-year mean (2016-2020) revealed over 20,000 sea trout were caught in England and Wales alone according to GOV.UK.

Where to fish for trout

The best places to fish for trout in the UK include rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Scotland is known for its wild brown trout fishing, with the River Tweed being a popular location. The Lake District in England is also a great destination for trout fishing, with Windermere and Coniston Water being among the most famous lakes.

The Welsh countryside is home to many trout-filled rivers, including the Wye and Usk. Anglers can also find excellent trout fishing in Northern Ireland, with the River Mourne being a popular spot. In general, the best time to fish for trout is in the spring and autumn, when the water temperatures are cooler, and the fish are more active. Of course, there are also plenty of fisheries within the UK that are fortunate to have a consistent water supply, which will have cooler water all year round making it ideal for trout.

Fly fishing for trout

Fly fishing for trout usually begins on a relatively small stillwater – there are many lakes that are easily accessible throughout the country, and they are less intimidating for a beginner angler than a reservoir. Another added benefit to stillwater fly fishing is that the trout tackle needed to succeed is smaller than tackle needed for large water fishing.

Stillwater trout can vary in size, however, a large majority of their diet is made up of non-biting midgets, also known as chironomids. Other insets such as daddy longlegs, caddis, mayflies and even smaller fish can be used. Whether you’re after a ‘catch and release’ or ‘catch and keep’ approach, many fisheries often offer both options and are happy to accommodate, no matter how much experience (or lack of) you have.

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The best trout fishing tools

Fishing gear for trout can be relatively minimal in comparison to other species of fish, which can also make for a cheaper and more budget-friendly approach to a fishing trip for beginners. When it comes to the ideal rod, we usually recommend a medium-weight rod and a spinning reel, alongside a decent monofilament line and bait (trout aren’t usually picky eaters).

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