McLean Telescopic Hinged Handle Weigh Net


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 The MLHW, McLean's Telescopic Hinged Handle Weigh Net, has a hinged handle making the net for easy carrying.  The telescopic handle has a rubber grip and extends for that extra reach and hides a cleverly concealed weighing scale, which is easily operated with one hand, to weigh that all important catch.

Code - MLHW / 130

The weighing scales are concealed completely in a watertight compartment inside the net handle, so you can weigh your catch without handling the fish.


  • Trout scales weighs up to 14lb.
  • Fixed frame with hinged handle.
  • Telescopic handle with rubber grip.
  • Frame : 19.5in x 17.5in Pear Shaped
  • Handle Length : 24in - 46in Telescopic
  • Overall Reach : 54in
Brand: McLean Nets