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Here at John Norris we know how important it is to take good care of your shooting equipment. That's why we have a large selection of gun care products and gun slips that will help keep your guns in tiptop condition, ready for when you next head out.

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We supply various gun cleaning kits, all of which include the necessities for maintaining your gun after use. We also stock individual gun maintenance items such as gun oil spray, gun cleaning brushes, gun bore cleaner and wool mops, all of which are extremely useful and convenient.

As well as gun care items we also stock high quality gun slips in a variety of materials and styles; from modern and durable polytex to traditional and timeless canvas and leather, there is something to suit all styles and tastes.

With classic brands such as Barbour, and Seeland, John Norris is the first port of call for many shooting enthusiasts when it comes to gun care. We also stock a number of shooting accessories such as cartridge bags and belts for added convenience when on a shoot. Made with the finest leather, they are not only practical but also stylish and hardwearing.  Read less

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Jack Pyke Gun Cleaning Mat

Jack Pyke

£11.95 £10.15

GMK Gunmat


£17.99 £15.99

Jack Pyke Canvas Shotgun Slip - Green

Jack Pyke

£58.95 £49.99

Jack Pyke Duotex Shotgun Slip

Jack Pyke

£44.95 £37.99

Jack Pyke Shotgun Slip

Jack Pyke

£41.95 £34.99

Jack Pyke Canvas Shotgun Slip - Brown

Jack Pyke

£58.95 £49.99

10% OFF
Seeland Shotgun Slip Design Line


£43.99 £35.99

Jack Pyke Canvas Shotgun Slip - Fawn

Jack Pyke

£58.95 £49.99

Jack Pyke Foldable Gun Slip

Jack Pyke

£17.95 £15.25