What are the best sunglasses?

Sunglasses are extremely important and should have great protection factors that keep you safe during bright weather – brands such as Guideline, Fortis and Smith Optics are some of the best brands out there when it comes to UV protection.

Whether you’re angling in the Lake District or hiking in the Dales, keeping your eyes safe should be a priority. Here are our recommended sunglasses from John Norris…

Fortis Overwraps Sunglasses - Brown 247


The Fortis OverWraps are polarised fishing sunglasses designed to FIT OVER regular spectacles. Specifically designed for prescription glasses users, these practical performance fit-over sunglasses help eliminate unwanted light, whilst cutting out glare to help the angler see deeper.

They have soft rubber inserts for maximum comfort and a unique vent system at the top of the frame, increasing airflow which prevents a mist and fog build-up. The Brown 247 Lens is an all-round lens with a high contrast definition, VLT15%.

Fortis Wraps Sunglasses - Switch


The Fortis Wraps polarised fishing sunglasses have a wrap-around design for full peripheral vision and for eliminating unwanted light. Soft rubber insets on the frame arms reduce slippage, while a unique vent system helps prevent mist/fog buildup.

They have photochromic lenses that adapt instantly to varying light levels meaning when the outdoors is sunny, they darken and vice versa.

Guideline Tactical Sunglasses - Yellow Lens


Guideline Tactical sunglasses are made with a sporty frame that provides good coverage on the sides as the shape is slightly curved.

A good model for fishing, leisure and sports activities. The yellow lens is perfect for fishing in cloudy weather and evening fishing (flat light). With yellow glasses, everything is perceived as clearer and there is more contrast.

Like Guideline's other glasses, Tactical also blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and the lens is polarised.

Fortis Essentials Sunglasses - Amber AMPM


The Fortis Essential polarised sunglasses have a minimal design. However, there is no compromise on quality and they still have Fortis' signature lenses to provide the ultimate polarisation.

The Amber AMPM Lens is an unrivalled high contrast definition lens for low light conditions or at dawn and dusk, with a VLT of 38%.


The Smith Optics Guide’s Choice range incorporates the most advanced eyewear technologies. The style boasts wide temples and an aggressive wrap for superior light protection - add to that premium Italian spring hinges, Megol nose and temple pads, and the Guide’s Choice is engineered for those that truly believe in the life outside walls.

They have maximum clarity and provide 12x more scratch resistance than a polymer lens, offering 100% UV protection with an antireflective coating for eye ease.

Fortis Vista Sunglasses - Grey Blue XBlok


The Fortis Vistas polarised fishing sunglasses are designed for maximum coverage with extreme optical clarity. Packed with the latest technology, from their patented Ultra Slim Injection process to their high optical precision, extreme clarity and paramount protection.

These glasses have the darkest lens (Grey Blue XBlok Lens) which is suitable for the brightest conditions with VLT 10%.

Guideline Experience Sunglasses - Yellow Lens


Guideline Experience sunglasses are Guideline's top model with quality nylon lenses that provide perfect clarity, very little distortion and maximum light transmission. The frame is modern and timeless and fits just as well in the city as by the river. The shape is slightly bent so that it covers well on the sides against "beam light".

Guideline’s Experience line blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays and the glasses are polarised, they come in a durable (hard) case with a tough Kevlar look and a cleaning cloth included.

Guideline Ambush Sunglasses - Grey Lens 3X Magnifier


Guideline Ambush 3X polarised sunglasses have a matte black polycarbonate frame in a slightly curved shape to cut out disturbing light from the sides. Fitted with all metal hinges and a rubberised area in the back end of the temples and on the nose pad, which gives a comfortable and secure non-slip fit.

The grey colour is neutral and gives true colours with no distortion. UV400 Protective Coating in all our lenses blocks 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays – polarisation reduced eye fatigue and increases visual accuracy while enhancing visual performance.


The Smith Optics Castaway are do-it-all in all conditions sunglasses for the serious angler. No matter the aquatic objective, the Castaway offer a real advantage thanks to the array of available high-end polarised lens options including the vivid colour and clarity of ChromaPop™. 

These premium Italian-made frames feature spring hinges and grippy megol nose and temple pads for a no-slip, extra grippy fit. An anti-reflective hydroleophobic lens coating ensures a return to crisp vision regardless of splashing or grime - these glasses provide 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays.

Smith Optics Deckboss Sunglasses - Matte Black/Blue Frame - Polar Blue Mirror Lens


When it comes to long days on the water, the fit of your sunglasses is as important as the optics. With the Smith Optics Deckboss Sunglasses, they prioritise both.

The wraparound frames have super-flexible temples, which you can bend like rubberised pipe cleaners. That, along with the no-slip nose pads, give these glasses a secure feel. They come with the ChromaPop™ polarised lenses that reduce glare and enhance contrast.


Ensuring you own a durable pair of sunglasses that offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, alongside polarised lenses that reduce reflections while not altering colour will make fish much easier to see and monitor during sight fishing in clear water rivers.

We offer an extensive range of sunglasses, online and in-store – browse them here or visit us in-store to try them for yourself at John Norris.