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Snowbee No-Knot Fas-Snaps


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These ingeneous links from Snowbee allow quick and easy changes of fly or spinning lure, without the constant need for tying knots. Simply tie one onto the tip or dropper and change flies and lures quickly and easily.

Sizes: M, L, XL.

Packs of 5.

Particularly suitable for droppers, as you don't 'shorten-up' the dropper every time you change a fly. Equally suitable in the larger size for quick change of plugs or lures when spinning.


  • Medium - for fly sizes 18-12 (black finish)
  • Large - for fly sizes 12-8 (black finish)
  • XLarge - for large saltwater flies plus all sizes of lures or plugs (nickel finish)/
Brand: Snowbee