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Snowbee Knotted Indicator Leader - Nymph/Dry Fly


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A 6 section, 12ft 6ins leader, tapering from a 0.55mm butt end, with a perfection loop, to clear 0.15mm at the tip. The first 4 sections use a high-elasticity, camo finish nylon, with a perfection loop at the tippet end, to which a 5th, 15cm section of hi-viz orange 'indicator' is attached. The final tippet length of clear. 0.15mm 4.1lb mono is then attached to the indicator and both can easily be changed or extended.

Code: KFL-126


  • Nymph/ Dry Fly, interchangeable
  • Camo coloured for extra stealth and elasticity.
Brand: Snowbee