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Shakespeare Oracle Skagit Double Handed Fly Rods

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The Shakespeare Oracle Skagit fly rod has been developed specifically for use with heavy short head shooting heads and Skagit style fly lines. The shorter rod length with increased power within the blank will help cast these heavy lines, tips and flies. This rod is also very useful when casting in powerful water or restricted by bankside obstacles.

When to use Skagit Rods and Lines:

  • When you need to use heavy flies to reach fish in deep and fast water
  • In confined spaces where you need to form a small D-Loop, which is best created with a short headed line and short rod
  • When you want to strip a fly across a pool. Having been stripped, the short head can be quickly lengthened ready for the cast, unlike a long head
  • A skagit line can help when teaching beginners as a novice can easily feel its weight flexing a rod


  • Blank construction - 36/40T carbon.
  • Handle Construction – AAA cork.
  • Reel seat – Aluminium.
  • Guide type – Lined single leg
  • Supplied in Cordura tube
Brand: Shakespeare