Rio Bonefish QuickShooter Line


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RIO offers two different bonefish lines, each with particular design attributes. The Bonefish QuickShooter has a short head, and loads a rod quickly. It is an ideal line for low light conditions and for the angler wading flats when fish are hard to spot and close range casts are required. It is also a fantastic line choice for the novice bonefish angler.

The lines have a high floating, AgentX coating to ensure the running line and tip stays afloat, and feature a medium stiff core, with a tropical coating that stays firm in the heat. Welded loops on both ends of the lines makes for easy rigging.

Colour/Code: Aqua /Sand - BQ

Length: 100ft (35.5ft Head)


  • Easy casting taper that loads a fly rod quickly even at close range
  • High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
  • Makes an ideal line for those new to Saltwater Fly Fishing
Brand: Rio