Rapala X-Rap Countdown Sinking Lure (OLD LISTING)

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Based on the Countdown method introduced by Rapala in the 1960s, the X-Rap Countdown brings modern X-Style finishes and details to the game. It swims with a strong rolling action and flutters down when you stop winding.
Colours: Rainbow Trout, Olive Green, Silver, Hot Head, Brown Trout, Ayu, Muddler, Glass Ghost, Red Head.
5cm, Weight 4g, Two No10 hooks, RAPXRCD05
7cm, Weight 10g, Two No6 hooks, RAPXRCD07

The X-Rap countdown sinks 30% faster than the classic countdown due to its weight and body design and is also very long casting.

  • 3D holographic eye
  • Flutter action on drop
  • Black nickel VMC hooks
  • Running Depth: 0.60 - 1.5 metres
Brand: Rapala