Rapala Jointed Floating Lure

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There are times when fish demand something livelier than usual, a real attention getter. This is exactly what the Jointed Rapala does. This is a balsa floater and can be fished like the Original Floating Rapala from top to bottom, cast or trolled.

Colours: Blue, Brown Trout, Firetiger, Gold/Fluorescent Red, Perch, Rainbow Trout, Silver.

Sizes/Codes: 7cm 4g two no 6 hooks - RAPJ07, 9cm 7g two no 5 hooks - RAPJ09, 11cm 9g two no 3 hooks - RAPJ11, 13cm 18g two no 2 hooks - RAPJ13.

With its slight exaggeration of Rapalas unique baitfish in distress behaviour, the jointed gets the undivided attention of otherwise uninterested predatory fish. This articulated, or “broken back” bait can be fished like the Original Floater, top to bottom. It is the perfect choice after a cold snap, when fish are traditionally finicky and in a slow feeding mood.

  • Running Depth: 0.9 - 4.2 metres
  • Broken Back Design
  • Classic Minnow Profile
  • Works Top to Bottom
Brand: Rapala
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