R M Williams Leather Conditioner

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Leather products generally tend to dry out over time, which is why RM Williams put as much effort into the care and protection of their products as they do into the manufacture of their footwear, clothing and belts. This leather condition has been specifically designed to keep your R M Williams boots looking as pristine as possible. Suitable for all exotic leathers, the conditioner will nourish the fibres in the leather which will help to prevent cracking by keeping them supple.

Code: CC243LD0001100M



  • Made in Australia
  • Cares for and protects your leather products
  • Ingredients include beeswax and lanolin
  • Soften and protect even exotic leathers
  • Non-oily constitution, so should not stain clothing
  • Apply the conditioner evenly with either a clean cloth or hands. Allow the conditioner to penetrate before buffing off excess to a soft sheen.
Brand: R M Williams
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