Mackenzie Skagit Pro Line


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The product and design team at Mackenzie Fly Fishing have been working hard to develop the new Skagit lines. Every line they produce is borne from vast collective knowledge and experience combined with the most up to date innovations in materials and manufacturing processes.

The Mackenzie Skagit Pro shares the same ethos as all the other lines that Mackenzie produce. It is also constructed using their signature supple but extremely durable polyurethane coating and low stretch ultra-core. This combination is highly efficient and translates energy and speed throughout the profile of the line enabling you to turn over high density tips and large flies to the farthest lies in the biggest pools with ease. The low-stretch ultra-core not only delivers prefect performance but it also allows you to feel the lightest take for a fish.

Every good line has to be balanced correctly for maximum efficiency and stability and Mackenzies goal is to provide one of the most stable and user friendly Skagit heads on the market today.


  • Specially formulated extra supple polyurethane coating for perfect stability and efficiency
  • Casts superbly with smooth consistent energy transfer
  • Turns over high density tips and flies with ease
  • New low-stretch ultra-core for maximum performance and sensitivity
Brand: Scott MacKenzie
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