Mackenzie DTX Single Handed FX1 Fly Rods

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Surely the most sought after game-fish in the UK is the trout, they will test your skill and thinking and of course your patience. To present that almost weightless fly in the correct spot and catch that fish that has eluded you for weeks or possibly month’s takes skill and patience. The best fly rod on the planet will not replace old fashioned knowledge and skill but the new flagship Mackenzie FX1 Graphene single handed rods will help to put the odds back in your favour. One of the most important advantages of Graphene construction is that it allows the creation of rods that are lighter and stronger but incredibly sensitive for short line work and with lightning fast recovery for greater distance casting with pin point accuracy.

Code: DTX-FX1


  • Uses Nobel Prize winning material Graphene
  • Constructed with FX1 technology
  • Custom made aluminium reel seat
  • Titanium snake eyes
  • Titanium stripper guides
  • High quality Flor grade Portuguese cork handle in either full or half wells
  • Beautiful aluminium rod tube
  • 4 Piece rods
Brand: Scott MacKenzie
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  • Graphene

    Graphene – a form of carbon that’s 10 times stronger than steel – is revolutionising the world of fishing. By strengthening the rod’s blank and speeding up its recovery, graphene rods help improve your fishing performance with minimal effort required.