Mackenzie DTX G3 Spey Fly Line


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The product and design team at Mackenzie Fly Fishing have been working hard to develop the new third generation Spey and Mini Spey lines. The new line profiling and design are products of vast collective knowledge and experience combined with the most up to date innovations in materials and manufacturing processes.

Each line has been constructed with their signature supple but extremely durable polyurethane coating and low stretch ultra-core. This combination is highly efficient and translates energy and speed throughout the profile of the line. Each line has been revised and re-designed to further enhance the performance of all Mackenzie double handed rods and Switch rods.


  • Unique tapering system
  • Allows perfect presentation and turn over
  • Distinctive colour change between main line and running line
  • Low stretch core delivers more response when casting and greater sensitivity when a fish takes
  • The specially formulated extra supple polyurethane coating, creates tighter loops for perfect stability and performance
Brand: Scott MacKenzie
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