Hi - Vis Blue Winged Olive Parachute Flys


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The Blue Winged Olive is one of our all time favourite flys! As this insect begins to hatch the Brown Trout in our river systems can often be seen gorging on them!
This BWO pattern has all the right ingredients to make it almost irresistible to these willy browns. Due to this fly being tied in a parachute style it means, when on the water, this Olive will sit perfectly upright as intended. The Hi-Vis Post on this pattern makes is very easy for you to pic out your fly when on the water which means detecting a take is that bit easier!
This pattern is a must for any dry fly enthusiast!!

Whiting Hi - Vis Blue Winged Olive Parachute Flys

Code: DG0004

Brand: John Norris
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