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Hardy Fluorocarbon Tippet 50m Spool

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Hardy Fluorocarbon is the perfect blend of abrasion resistance and low diameter perfect for fishing small flies with finesse or big flies with confidence. Hardy Fluorocarbon is supplied on 50 m spools with an inbuilt extended cutter and material retaining band. All sizes are colour coded for ease of identification.

Code/Colour: HFTS - Crystal clear finish.

Sizes (Diameter): 3lb (0.13mm), 4lb (0.15mm), 5lb (0.17mm), 6lb (0.19mm), 8lb (0.21mm), 9lb (0.23mm), 11lb (0.26mm), 13lb (0.27mm), 15lb (0.30mm), 19lb (0.33mm).


  • Low diameter high quality fluorocarbon
  • Supple yet durable formulation
  • 50m Spool size colour coded for easy identification
  • Built in Cutter and material retaining band
Brand: Hardy