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Guideline Catch and Release Kit


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A complete kit to help you register the weight and length of your fish in the best possible way, without causing unnecessary stress and injury to it.

Code: 70158

Size: 115 x 55 cm


  • A set of water resistant, lightweight digital hanging scales with easy to-read, LED display on top, directly in the handle weigh up to 50 kg / 110 lb with an accuracy of 10 grams / 0.02 lb.
  • A solid plastic 150 cm / 59 inch long tailor measuring tape. A tape that won’t fail after use in water.
  • A Large, zippered weighing sling made from strong lightweight mesh. Comes with a cover and can be stored in your vest, jacket or daypack. Handy and easy to use when you need to weigh that big fish you want to release to swim another day.
Brand: Guideline