Grangers Gear Cleaner

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Granger’s Gear Cleaner is a high-performance spray cleaner designed to remove dirt, grime, and odours from all your technical clothing and equipment. Perfect for removing isolated patches of dirt and grime, Gear Cleaner is excellent at cleaning items that can’t be machine washed.


Code: GRF77

Whether you need to clean your footwear, or some stains on your jacket, Gear Cleaner is everything you need to get your gear and clothing looking its best. Based on a gentler formulation than traditional household cleaners, Gear Cleaner removes dirt and odours without removing any water-repellent finishes your garments may have.


  • Effectively cleans all technical outdoor fabrics and clothing, without using a washing machine.
  • Protects the water-repellent finish found on waterproof clothing.
  • Can be used as a first step when applying water-repellent treatments.
  • Removes localised areas of dirt and grime, which will affect the performance of your technical garments.
  • Suitable for use on clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and even carpets.
Brand: Granger's
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