Englands Doctors Waistcoat


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The Englands Doctors Waistcoat/Lifejacket features a automatic self inflating lifejacket inside multifunctional fly fishermans vest. The Doctors jacket is now made from a super light weight Microfibre that is quick drying and makes the jacket 25% lighter. The Doctors Jacket has a detatchable lower half to allow the wearer to wade into deeper water.

Colour/Code: Green / DJ200I

Sizes: M (36-40in), L (40-44in), XL (44-48in), XXL (48-52in)

Designed for fly fishing, the Doctors lifejacket features various pockets and zip compartments, a knitted collar, zipper. The Doctors vest is very light in weight allowing excellent freedom of movement under the arms for casting etc.

Features :

  • Handy zip pulls and tabs on pockets
  • Certified to self-right an unconscious person
  • Automatically inflates within 3 seconds of water immersion
  • Quick drying
  • Lower half can easily be detached for deep wading or warm weather conditions, whilst still retaining the inflation device
  • Made from lightweight breathable/microfibre
  • Fully CE approved
Brand: Englands
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