Costa Del Mar Fathom 580P Sunglasses - Tortoise Frame Blue Mirror Lens

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Want to see the world in high-def? Then put the Costa Del Mar Fathom 580P Sunglasses on. Costa's 580 lens technology, available now for the first time in impact-resistant polycarbonate, screens out yellow light (580 nanometers on the light spectrum), which is harder for the eye to process than red, blue, and green. The result is razor-sharp color and definition. The polarized grey lens proves versatile for changing light while hiking, biking, and paddling. Side vents prevented fogging on sweaty trail runs, and a hydrophobic coating keeps the lenses free of water streaks.

Colour/Code: Tortoise Frame with Blue Mirror Lens - FA10


  • 100% Polarization efficiently eliminates reflective glare
  • Produces brighter, more dense colours for greater definition
  • Lightweight, impact and scratch resistant

The amber lens is an excellent all round lens that delivers the brightest field of vision and is a great choice for fishing, driving and activities where high contrast is needed.

The copper lens is made for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities. Cuts glare and enhances contrast and colour, for eye comfort in any conditions.
The sunrise lens is a high contrast, specialty lens allowing maximum light transmission for low light conditions such as dawn and dusk.
Brand: Costa Del Mar
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