Delivery Status - 221228

Christmas Delivery Update.

Standard Delivery is guaranteed on orders placed before midnight on the 19th December, however couriers are still delivering right up to 24th December so any orders placed after that date may well still be delivered before Christmas.

Our Express Delivery option guarantees delivery before Christmas for any orders placed before 2pm on the 21st December. (Subject to courier restrictions below.)

DPD are working flat out to clear the back log created by Royal Mail strikes and poor weather.

Our January sale starts on Thursday the 22nd December, we recommend ordering early to secure these deals whilst stocks last, as we are anticipating strong interest. Your order will be processed ready for delivery after Christmas.

E-Vouchers are a great gift option with no couriers required.

Courier restrictions - Express Delivery for orders placed before 2pm on the 21st December, unfortunately cannot be guaranteed for the following post codes -

BS10-11, BS20-21, BS34-36, BS41, BS48
CF3, CF5, CF10-11, CF14-15, CF23-24, CF30, CF45-46, CF63-64, CF81-83, CF91, CF95, CF99
CH1-3, CH25-34, CH41-49, CH60-66, CH70, CH88
CW1-12, CW98
DE4, DE6, DE45
DN9, DN15-21, DN31-41
EH1-46, EH52-53, EH77, EH91, EH95, EH99
GL1-8, GL10-20, GL50-56
HG1-3, HG5
KY1-7, KY11-12, KY99
L1-40, L67-75, L80
LS1-29, LS88, LS98-99
M20-23, M31, M33, M90
NE9, NE11, NE15-19, NE21, NE43-49, NE61-71
NP4, NP7-8, NP10-13, NP15-16, NP18-20, NP22-26, NP44
PE11, PE20-25
PL2, PL5, PL10-19, PL22-35
PR8-9, PR26
S70-72, S75
SK7-12, SK17, SK22-23
ST1-21, ST55
SY1-5, SY13-14, SY99
TD2-5, TD10-15
TR1-27, TR93
WA1-2, WA4-16, WA55, WA88
WF1-14, WF16-17, WF90