Rio Powerflex Tippet Material


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Rio Powerflex Tippet material is the best strength-for-diameter on the market. Available in 30yd spools.

Size/Diameter: 2.4lb (0.10mm), 3.4lb (0.13mm), 5.0lb (0.15mm), 6.4lb (0.18mm), 8.2lb (0.20mm), 10.0lb (0.23mm), 13.0lb (0.25mm), 15.0lb (0.28mm), 30lb (0.43mm).

Code: PF30


  • Best strength-for-diameter on the market.
  • Good knot strength and reliability.
  • Low shine satin finish.
  • Light grey underwater camouflage.
  • 25% stretch protects against breakage.
  • Coated for abrasion resistance.
  • Supple for lifelike fly presentation.
  • Clip together Tippet master spools with elastic retainers for easy withdrawal and instant line identification.
Brand: Rio