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Schoffel Cashmere Comb


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Pilling is the result of loose fibres on the surface rubbing together during wear, resulting in small bobbles. Common places are under the arms, elbows and sides. This can be removed easily by using this Schoffel Cashmere Comb. The extra care and attention will help to prolong the life of your knitwear and keep it feeling soft.

Colour/Code: Dark Olive - 20-9080

One size

To use: Lay knitwear flat, hold affected area taut and comb garment gently to remove bobbles. Ensure to pay special attention to high friction areas, such as underarms, sides and elbows. Remove fluff and debris from comb.

  • Keep comb clean and free of fluff.
  • Store in small bag provided.
    Brand: Schoffel