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Based in Northumberland, 27 year old Scott has represented England in World and European Championships together with a whole host of other international competitions at both Senior and Youth levels. He is currently the Northern Sales Manager at Sonik.   Name : Scott Nellins Age: 27 Location: Northumberland Job Description: Northern Sales Manager at Sonik Likes: Competition fishing, Catching Big Grayling and Fishing Dries Dislikes: The bad press Comp Anglers get & people posting absolute nonsense on Facebook! Scott Nellins Describe a typical day for you? Although I look after all of the northern accounts for Sonik, I do spend a lot of time in the office working on new products for all of Sonik ranges as well as the marketing & website side of things. Typical isn't really in the Sonik vocabulary!     What age did you start fishing? I think I was 3 or 4 fishing for flounders in the local estuary.     What is your first fishing memory? Catching my first Flatfish, I was very impatient at an early age and always wanted to reel in minutes after casting out. I had cast out (about 5 yards), and wanted to reel it in about a minute after. For some reason a flounder had grabbed my bait within seconds!   What do you love most about the Sport? The fact you never stop learning and every day is different.     Describe your casting style? I would call it fluid and efficient. I try to spend as least time casting as I can, and more time fishing!   Scott Nellins 2 What is your most memorable fishing experience? I've a lot of excellent memories from fishing, and the more I think, the more I have. Perhaps one of the most memorable is being awarded the Grafham Lodge Trophy (Top English Rod) in my first loch style home international at the Lake of Mentieth, by the late great Moc Morgan. Moc is a true legend of our sport and being awarded that trophy from him was absolutely amazing.         What piece of kit could you not live without? My fly boxes. I've spent countless hours putting them together and you couldn't fly fish without flies. I have boxes for World & Euro competitions, Loch Style Competitions, Bank Fishing Competitions and a couple of ‘leisure’ boxes as they all have different rule sets. Check out our range of fly boxes – products from C&F, Greys, Guideline, Snowbee, Vision and Wychwood as well as our very own range of plastic and wooden boxes.   What do you still want to tick off your fishing bucket list? My next goal is winning a medal at either the World or European Championships, however as far as destinations I have a book-full! Alaska, B.C, Iceland, New Zealand, Galapagos, Aussie etc. Every time I look at a new place on TV I add it to my list! Ha   Any funny fishing tales you would like to share? I’ve a few but I think they would only be suitable to read after the 9pm watershed…   Your perfect day would consist of? I love Loch style fishing when the fish are on top and rising. A warm day with high, thick cloud and light ripple is perfect for me, slowing drifting down a windlane picking of rising trout!...where’s my rods!...   What are you most proud of/greatest achievement? Representing my country at the sport I love on so many different levels, Youth, World Youth, Senior River, Senior Loch Style, European & World. It’s also nice when you see someone you’ve helped out achieve something. I’m involved in the Angling Trust Talent Pathway, which is there to help kids get into the England Youth Team. It’s great to help young anglers achieve their goals too.   Scott Nellins 3Who or what inspires you? I get inspiration from setting personal targets and trying to achieve them. I always try to set little targets for myself, even if it is just a pleasure day on a river. I’ll try to target 10 fish out of the next 100 yards of river for example within a certain time frame.   How did you get a career start the fishing industry? I worked Saturdays in the shop at Hardy when I was still in school, and when I was 18 a job came up in New Product Development which I was lucky enough to get. I was there for 5 years which gave me a really good insight to the industry.   Any advice for fellow anglers that would like a career in the fishing world? Keep your eyes open for any opportunities. There isn't many jobs in this sector so you may have to look at something that wouldn't be your first job of a career if you want to work in angling.   What is the big thing for your brand this year? Our SKS Black Fly Rods are amazing value for money. I've been using them for a good while now, and I've never had a rod at that price point put a smile on my face so much just by casting it. Sonik Rods, Reels and Spools   Can you give us any advice or useful tips? Never stop experimenting with new things. The angler who is catching more than you is the one that has worked out what the fish want on that given day, and you only reach that level by experimenting.
Jim Curry is a renowned AAPGAI master instructor and was a founding partner of Halstead and Bolton Sporting agency. He runs the Yorkshire Fly Fishing School in northern England, offering tuition on the stunning rivers and lakes of Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire. As a trout and salmon instructor with 20 years’ experience, a senior assessor of AAPGAI instructors, a writer and rod tester for magazines including Trout and Salmon and having lead countless international trips to destinations across the globe, Jim is widely regarded as one of thebest and most knowledgeable teachers of fly fishing and fly casting in the UK. We have been lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with the fishing legend, asking about everything from his latest products to his earliest fishing memories! Here’s what happened when Jim encountered all of our questions.   Name: Jim Curry Age: 44 Location:  Ilkley West Yorkshire Job Description: UK and Ireland Guideline Representative Likes: Swinging flies for salmon Dislikes: Bad etiquette on the riverbank - it drives me nuts!   Describe a typical day for you. Every day is different, but always fishing related. It’s been this way since I started in the industry as a ghillie when I was seventeen years old. There are always emails and calls to make to customers, and I’m still teaching, which I love after all these years. Evenings are spent either catching a brownie on the Wharfe or just relaxing at home with my daughter and listening to music. I love my music, but I think I’m the only one!   What age did you start fishing? I started with the fly at around age nine on the Findhorn. Before that, I was dangling worms for little brownies in a stream on the farm I grew up on.   Jim Curry What is your first fishing memory? Catching a trout on a piece of sweetcorn on a family holiday in Cornwall! My mum still has the picture in her house. I thought it was enormous at the time, but it only looks about a pound on the picture these days.   What do you love most about the sport? The people I’ve met, the places I’ve travelled to and the memories I’ve got – and all because of our amazing sport!   Describe your casting style. Relaxed and chilled out. I try to let the rod do the work.   What is your most memorable fishing experience? On my Dad’s 70th birthday in Norway, I watched him hook and land the most perfect bright silver 26lb salmon on the first cast of the first day. He went on to catch way more than me, as usual!   What piece of kit could you not live without? My polaroid glasses! I feel lost if I forget them on a day’s fishing.   What do you still want to tick off your fishing bucket list? The chance of taking a big salmon on a hitch or a dry. Just the thought of a big sea monster rolling on my fly gives me goosebumps!   Any funny fishing tales you would like to share? I’ve seen so many on my adventures around the world. In fact, I’m writing a book with many of them in, if I ever finish it (which is unlikely with the speed I type)!   Jim Curry What would your perfect day consist of? Spending time on a beautiful river, just dropping off and clearing after a lift of water and a good chance of a fish. But crucially, I would be fishing with a close friend. I much prefer fishing in good company than fishing alone these days.   What are you most proud of/greatest achievement? Becoming a father to my gorgeous little girl.   Who or what inspires you? So many people have and still do. I’ve been fortunate to work with many of them these days. Overall I’d say my Dad - not a long caster but a very canny fisher who always gets a fish when the conditions are super tough.   How did you get a career started in the fishing industry? I started as a Ghillie in Scotland. After that, I followed my passion for the sport and I ignored people who said I’d never make a living from fly fishing. I stuck at it, because I’m stubborn like that!   Any advice for fellow anglers that would like a career in the fishing world? Follow your passion always. If you have a passion for anything in life you are very lucky; many people never find what their passion is. Never give in, work hard at your casting and love your fishing. Never think you know it all - nobody does or ever should.     What is the big thing for your brand this year? There are lots of cool products this year. If I had to choose one I would say the Guideline LXi salmon rods, both four and six piece. I just love these rods so much. The 13ft 9in 9/10 is a perfect fit for me and my fishing. Smooth, crisp and great with a fish on.   Can you give us any advice or useful tips? Get your casting up to speed and go to an AAPGAI instructor. You will enjoy this wonderful sport so much more when you understand casting and you’ll catch more fish, especially when conditions are tough. Keep your eyes open on the river and appreciate what a wonderful place it is. The more aware you are of life on the river bank, the more you’ll get out of this amazing sport.   Check out some of the other offers we currently have from our range of Guideline products - Buy Guideline Diver Sonic Seam Waders and Korkers Buckskin Wading Boots together and save £129.00 Buy a Guideline Fario CRS Fly Rod and get a Free Fario Fly Line worth £59.99 Buy a pair of Guideline Laxa Waders and Crosswater V2 Wading Boots together and save £99.99!  

Halstead & Bolton

Our 2014 Spring Salmon Course was, as ever, a huge amount of fun even though we arrived to find the Eden at its lowest level in months! With Jim now engaged as a member of the Guideline Pro Team, we had a great array of rods and lines to play with – and we didn't waste any time getting started.

Spring Salmon Course

We began the first morning working on Spey casting. Our six participants split into three slightly more experienced salmon fishers and three complete novices with the double hander. Jim provided the more experienced trio of Hugh Dalgety, Godfrey Holden and Iain Roxborough with a detailed explanation of shooting head systems and they were soon throwing lines across the upper pools of the Warwick Hall beats. I started with the newbies – Peter Alpin, Bill Fazackerley and Alex Ward – working on the Circle Spey cast. It wasn’t long before all three were making rapid progress and making some nice, efficient Spey casts.

Warwick Hall

After such a good start, we refreshed ourselves with lunch in the Warwick Hall dining room (still in waders thanks to the very understanding proprietor Val Marriner). In the afternoon, Peter, Bill and Alex attacked the lower beat, switching to the Double Spey cast. The others continued on the upper beat at Warwick Hall where the odd spring fish was showing. Godfrey had a lovely spring fish follow his Monkey fly right to the bank but it turned away at the last moment. Dinner at Warwick Hall is always an event and, with a few aching muscles, we stayed up perhaps a little later than we should swapping fishing stories in the drawing room. On the second morning, Jim started with a detailed presentation on tactical salmon fishing – this is essential knowledge for modern salmon fishing and few people are better at it than Jim! He talked through the ranges of modern tackle, including the pros and cons of shooting head systems, and then moved on to angles of cast, speed of fishing the fly, unconventional tactics, line management, fly choice and reading the water. Jim gave us the benefit of years of experience distilled down into an information-packed session. Then I moved on to a Skagit casting demonstration to cover the full range of modern tackle choices and a Snake Roll demonstration – in which everyone was keen to join in and was surprised at how quickly they could get this effortless-looking cast to work. Jim finished off the morning with a switch rod session – and again everyone was amazed at how sweetly these small double-hand rods cast. I’m sure there were a few converts! With the sun shining, lunch was taken on the spectacular Warwick Hall terrace overlooking the river. We could have lingered for a long time, but there were new skills and new casts to put into practice. Hugh, Iain and Godfrey worked carefully through Crow Wood and the Coops Stream on the lower Warwick Hall beat – all casting beautifully but to no avail with few fish about.

Alex Ward's First Spring Salmon

It was a different story on the top beat, though, where Alex Ward locked into a powerful spring fish (just where we had been demonstrating in the morning session!) and eventually landed a sparkling springer of around 12lbs – his first salmon. Alex works in the John Norris store in Penrith so we’re pretty sure that tale will be told a few times on the shop floor! Thanks to Val Marriner at Warwick Hall for her lovely hospitality and tolerance of waders and Guideline for the supplies of all the latest kit.   If you’d like to join us next year for the H&B/Guideline spring salmon course at Warwick Hall, get in touch. Dates are 22 and 23 April 2015.  Email - Phone - 07973 291367   - Bob Sherwood

Halstead & BoltonIn association with Guideline

Warwick Hall, River Eden, Cumbria

22-23 April 2014


The Course

The Halstead and Bolton Spring Salmon Course is the perfect start to the 2014 fishing season. We have exclusively reserved both beats of the renowned Warwick Hall estate water on the River Eden in Cumbria – perfect fly water and the ideal location for learning the intricacies of Spey casting.   curry 002 The two-day course, in association with leading tackle brand Guideline, offers up to eight anglers the opportunity of personal instruction with three AAPGAI Master instructors. H&B partners Jim Curry and Bob Sherwood will be joined by River Eden expert Glyn Freeman on what are considered by many to be among the finest salmon beats in England.       The course will be suitable for salmon anglers of all levels and we will tailor the programme to suit individuals’ requirements. In addition, Guideline Pro Team member Jim Curry will demonstrate how to get the best out of your tackle, including the use of modern shooting heads.   As the Spring Salmon course is run in conjunction with John Norris of Penrith, we will have all the latest tackle on hand for course participants to try on the river.   photo Each day will feature demonstrations and personal tuition sessions and there will be plenty of time for guided fishing and the chance to catch a memorable spring salmon. On last year’s course, Paul Lalwan went one better and managed a fresh spring salmon on each day of the course – his first English salmon!       We will cover all aspects of salmon fishing from safety and wading, to choice of tackle, Spey casting, reading the river and the best way to fish through different pools. We might even break out the fly tying gear over lunch!   curry 042The course is perfect not only for newcomers to salmon fishing but also for those who want to improve their techniques, learn some new casts, master new fishing methods such as shooting heads or Skagit lines, or those who simply enjoy fishing a beautiful river in good company.        

The River

The Warwick Hall beats of the Eden offer two of the most beautiful and productive stretches on the entire river. During the course, all anglers will get the chance to fish both the Top Beat and Park Beat, which are each about a mile long. Each beat has six named pools and there is a fishing hut on each beat, offering shelter and the perfect picnic spots. All the pools can be reached by car, with a short walk to the water. The pools offer excellent fly water and comfortable wading.  

Warwick HallThe Accommodation

To complement the fishing, Warwick Hall is the perfect place to stay. This is a classic country house hotel with a relaxed atmosphere, luxury en-suite bedrooms, a wonderful restaurant and superb wine list. Warwick Hall aims to recreate the houseparty atmosphere of an old English sporting estate with all the conveniences of the modern luxury hotel. We have negotiated an excellent full board rate for course participants who would like to stay right on the river.      


The Spring Salmon course includes two days’ fishing on the Eden, two full days of tuition with AAPGAI instructors, lunches and complimentary use of tackle from Guideline and John Norris of Penrith.   Accommodation at Warwick Hall can be arranged at cost.   Price: £470 per person.  

For more information

To discuss the course, call Jim Curry on 07973 291367, Bob Sherwood on 07831 688849 or email
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